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Sexx.click Terms & Conditions

By using our service you agree to our Terms & Conditions. 

Sexx.click provides a free to use Adult shortening service. Registering for this service is optional but will give you more features and statistics for your shortened links. Naturally we respect your privacy and your personal data will never be shared with third parties. We hate spam as much as you do so don't expect any uneccesary emails from us. Any emails that you receive from us will come from @sexx.click

Free to use: 
This is a free service based on "fair use". We do not allow our service to be used for any illegal purposes. In case of abuse, your account will be closed and all the links will be deleted. We try to keep this service free and "unlimited", meaning that we will not charge our users for the amount of clicks they receive on their links, nor for using our service. 
This project is an initiative from Adult webmasters to give back to the community by providing a real and honest Adult shortening service. If you like the project and want to keep it alive and free, without ads, forever, consider to support us and make a "Donation". We also appreciate your honest feedback about this project.

Registering for our service is optional but gives you advanced functions and statistics for your links. It also ensures you that your click data is secured, in addition you can secure your links with a password. All accounts need to be manually approved by us.

We do not allow our service to be used for any illegal purposes of any kind. Naturally any links redirecting to sources that contain content regarding "minors" will be deleted and your account will be banned. We will also cooperate with the respective authorities. Other forms of abuse include, but are not limited to: bestiality, incest, blood, gore, rape, violence, weapons, illegal substances, as well as, Trademark abuse and copyright infringement. In case of a closed account or questions related to abuse / fraud or other complaints, you can use the contact form on our website.

Personal data:
Registering for our serivce is optional but gives the user advanced statistics and secured click data. This is not possible without an account. We will never share your data with third parties and neither we will send you unnecessary (spam) emails. In case of a security breach we will inform all respective authorities and user accounts involved.

We reserve the right to close or disapprove any account on any given time, including the right to change, amend or omit any of our terms, without giving notice to use our customers. By using our service you automatically agree to all the points mentioned in these Terms.