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From now on you can track all your Adult affiliate links with a link shortener specifically made for the Adult niche. is an intuitive domain, that not only shows your audience that your links are Adult orientated, but also ensures a higher CTR than using standard link shorteners. Sexx.Click is a natural looking alternative and can be used for any Adult niche. Try it out for Free!


Show your audience that your links are Adult related and receive a higher CTR than standard shorteners. Our domain gives a natural call-to-action to all your shortened links.

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Advanced Features

Want to create your own smartlink? Or use one link for multiple offers? No problem with the Link Rotator! Include custom parameters and redirects based on country or device. Want to add 100? No problem!

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301 and SSL

Superfast 301 redirects so you won't lose any SEO juice on shortening your links, and all your links have SSL.

Custom Geo and Device Redirects

We know your traffic can come from everywhere, so custom redirects are included. Add as many as you want.

Real time Statistics

No lag, just stats. Login to your account and see all statistics in real time as they show up.

Secured Data

All your click data is secured behind your account. Nobody can see the statistics except you. As it should be.

Powerful Dashboard

Tracking clicks is not enough, so obviously you'll see a bunch of other metrics, such as country, device and OS data.

Custom Alias

You can also use a custom alias for all your links if you prefer something else than the random keystring.

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